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ahoy_rpg's Journal

Ahoy! RPG
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So you want to be a pirate. Think you've got what it takes to find the legendary Fontaine family treasure? Well maybe you do and maybe you don't, but even if you can find this mythical Macguffin, you'll have to win through the craziness that is the Fontaine royal family to do it. And you're not the only one with your eyes on the prize--other pirates, those DAMNED ninjas, wannabe commoners, aspiring merchants, bounty hunters, gunmen, mercenaries, and even members of the royal family itself all want a piece of the prize. And in the meantime, new islands are being stumbled across all over the world, your Queen is not-so-subtly trying to murder your omnipotent King (who uses said omnipotance in a very whimsical manner), and people are starting to pick really weird sides. What's an honest thief to do?

Why, join the golden age of pirating, of course.

N LandLocked N

Fontaine is where it all begins. The largest and most populated (not to mention popular) island in the Greater Archipelago, it is host to The Big City, three major harbors, three major cities, three major towns, a volcano, a few rivers, and a scattering of villages and hamlets. There are other islands within the Major and Minor Archipelagos, but there's always new ones being explored, and the list keeps getting longer. People come to Fontaine from islands that are months away by boat, just for the chance to live in this great country (and for a chance at the treasure).

Fontaine's official language is Common, and all citizens are required to speak it in the presence of merchants, aristocracy, law enforcers, and royalty. Anywhere else is (presumably) fair game for whatever you feel like talking in. The country's most popular exports are its ships and its alcohol, and there is not a hamlet in Fontaine that does not have some form of tavern or brewery. Its most profitable export is its ships, and gearmasters and shipbuilders from all over the world come to Fontaine to have their chance to work with the best resources and artificers.

The family fortune of Fontaine is the Utopian dream of anyone who likes things that glitter and shine. No one's really sure what the treasure actually is, and no one seems to know whether it's on Fontaine itself or one of the other islands in the Archipelago . . . but hey, that's never stopped anyone from looking! After all, one of the royal family members is going to have to cough up some information sooner or later. And in the meantime, there's lots of other chests for the lootin', what with the royal family running around everywhere . . .

The Fontaine royal family is . . . a bit of a puzzle. There's King Fontaine, an omnipotent ruler who can do essentially whatever he wants with the wave of a finger. This could solve a lot of problems, except that the King has absolutely no interest in anything involving problems. Cheerful and carefree, he'd rather decide to paint the Big City with rainbow floral patterns or cause blue chickens to run around the palace with scarves on than do anything constructive. And then there's Queen Fontaine, who wants the crown off her husband's head and firmly on her own. The fact that as Queen she has all the power she could want and that in order to become King she would have to assassinate each and every male member of the royal family doesn't seem to bother her. Nor does the way her husband keeps using his omnipotence to casually turn her assassins aside--she just keeps trying.

The rest of the family isn't much better. For starters, the Fontaine Palace is so huge it takes up half of the Big City--it has to be, since any fourth cousin is considered 'royalty' and it has to house all of them. Not to mention everyone in between that and the King (or Queen): aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandparents, in-laws, nannies, you name it. Having to deal with constant bribery, infiltration, kidnappings, break ins, the king's odd moods, and confused attempts at politics doesn't really improve the sanity of the residents. And then add all the servants, guards, and the Queen's personal cadre of assassins on top of that . . .

The planet Mer is a big one, and not just that, but a big unexplored one. Fontaine is by no means the only island out there, and new alliances and opportunities are being forged. Will you be there to take advantage of them?

More information can be found in the reference post.

N TheCode N

Note to players:

They're more like guidelines, but follow them anyway.

X. No more than four characters per player, please. And if you're going to max out your quota, we expect you to keep all of them relatively active. If you can't take the heat, stop hitting the application list.

X. No godmodding. Character death may occur, but only with the EXPLICIT permission of the player whose character you're killing, and check with a mod first.

X. No flaming. This is a het, yaoi, and yuri-friendly community, so leave other people to their sexual preferences--do not, however, post sexual content anywhere on the logs, journals, or main comm without posting it under an LJ-cut with a warning. Don't know how to cut? Ask someone.

X. Literally any in-character language you feel like is allowed on this comm--however, for the sake of those of us who aren't fluent in, say, Romanian, please put an English translation along with the original writing. It helps avoid confusion.

X. Keep OOC stuff on the main comm plzkthx, or mark it specifically as OOC. You should know this by now.

X. This RPG is obviously geared to crack, so not every character is going to be completely canon. We would, however, like it if you would do your best to avoid actually raping canon.

X. There will be occasional player cuts to make sure people are sticking around. If you know you're grounded/have exams/are moving/whatever ahead of times and are afraid you'll miss the cut, make sure to let a mod know and we'll put you on standby.

X. NO TELEPORTING CHARACTERS IN DIRECTLY FROM OTHER WORLDS. Come on, we're giving you two archepelagos worth of islands to work with. You can make up something more plausible.

X. Please help newbs, don't hurt them. :D; We were all once newbs ourselves.

X. Not every single character is going to be captain of their own pirate ship. Remember to form crews before you start thinking about fleets.

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Apply for characters here. An add list for AIM and journals can be found here.

ahoy_logs - logs archive
royal_decree - Fontaine family journal

Ships and crews

Series brought in:

Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy XII
Kingdom Hearts
One Piece
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

N CrewMates N

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Want to be affiliated? Ask the Captain.

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Have a problem with the game, questions, or another player? Contact the mod(s), or check the FAQ.