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If you have a complaint for the mods, comment below. Mod and aff apps go below as well.

Moderator Application</b>
Name and Contact: [both AIM and e-mail]
Character(s) Being Played: [if any][from this comm only]
Roleplaying History: [how long have you been playing?]
Moderating Credentials: [have you modded anywhere else?]
Availability: [how busy are you? could we call on you in an emergency?]

Affiliate Application
Community LJ username:
Popularity: [how new is it? are there many players?]
Plot Summary:
Are you willing to affiliate Ahoy! back?:

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On December 6th, 2006 03:41 am (UTC), patchouli commented:
Affiliate Application
Community Name and LJ username: Fandango High School - fandangohigh
Mod(s): Naru and Jabbers
Establishment: [how long has it been running? are there many players?] It's starting on December 16th! There are 5-7 players so far and a couple others with reserved characters.
Are you willing to affiliate Ahoy! back?: Certainly am! ♥ It's in the userinfo :D
On December 6th, 2006 04:20 am (UTC), behindtheseens replied:
What's the plot? Just a giant highschool crossover? XD

Can't promise an affiliation will get you much. Ahoy seems to have lost all its players. D: It might do you better to affiliate with moksa_u.
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On December 6th, 2006 06:41 am (UTC), patchouli replied:
...*death* I definitely did not notice that I didn't fill that out xDDDDD; But yeah, the plot is generally a high school crossover, by which I mean "how much crack can we generate in ONE game?"

Aww that's too bad (about the players I mean)! It happens to the best of us though, huh?:( I've already pestered them a little as well, thanks xDD!
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