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Does my character HAVE to be a pirate?
No. You can be pretty much anything within reason, from a train conductor to an athlete or street performer.

Can I put _______ on reserve?

How do journals work in-game?

My character is a cat/troll/frog/anthropod/tentacle monster/somesuch or the other. Is this okay?

How does magic/summons/gods work in this world?

What level of technology/transportation does Fontaine have? What can the

What currency does Fontaine use?

How do I make the Hall of Fame?
The Wanted lists are up to the mods' discretion, so you have to do something to catch our eye. Odds are, the more players you're able to get involved, the more likely your character will get their name on that list. There will also be events with opportunities for characters to make the list. But remember, having a bounty on your head isn't all fun and games!

Your question still not answered? Check the reference post or comment below.
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