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The Major Archepelago is central to Mer, and contains the largest islands.

Amestris - The Militant State. A large island known for its military government, its automail prosthetics, and its alchemists. Its language is Common, and it has a human population. Amestris has been repeatedly found at war with the island of Ishbal in the Minor Archipelago. Pirates tend to steer clear of this country.

Dao Zhou - The Dragon Island. A large island, populated by humans who speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and Common (in the higher ranks). Known for their rice wine (jiu), and for the high quality silk produced by their silkworms, which are forbidden to be shipped off the island (but are often smuggled). Pirates are often found on the south coast. (thanks to aisuyoukai)

Mannheim - The Industrial State. A medium-large island, populated by humans who speak German and Common. Mannheim is famous for its industrial advancements, most notably their electricity generators and multi-tiered plate cities, such as Midgar. Unfortunately, most of the island has become a barely habitable wasteland, with vast differences in the quality of life between the upper and lower classes. Often visited by pirates for its immense black market, Mannheim is also known as the Industrial Wasteland by some.


The Minor Archipelago has more than double the number of islands that the Major does, but they are all of medium size or smaller.

Baratie - The floating City of Chefs. A medium-sized island reknowned for its restaurants and culinary skills, not to mention willingness to serve all customers. (thanks to ignitible)

Ishbal - A small, desertlike island inhabited by the dark-skinned race of Ishbalans. Rather impoverished by its constant wars with the island of Amestris, and features a religion that considers alchemy as blasphemy against God.

Island App. Form:
There is a maximum of three island creations per player.
<b>Island Name:</b>
<b>Size & Archipelago:</b> [small, medium, large, medium-small, etc.] [major or minor]
<b>Known For:</b>
<b>Spoken Language(s):</b>
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